• Southdale Project's NEW name!

    Southdale Project's NEW name was revealed in June 18th Dinner.


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 Welcome to the Southdale Project!

  The Southdale Project is a London Muslim community initiative to address the community's future need for prayer space, event space, and much more. The Project consists of a 13-acre parcel located on the corner of Southdale and Wonderland Roads. This parcel, in one of London's fastest growing areas, provides the community with an exceptional opportunity to build its newest Masjid and community centre.


Our aim is to provide services and programs designed to assist in the holistic educational and spiritual development of the Muslim individual and family. A primary tenet of MAC is community involvement and service not only within the Muslim community, but with every community, regardless of faith or background.


The Southdale Project is set to be a welcoming community hub. It aims to provide innovative, inclusive and valuable programs and services that will empower and enrich everyone involved. The project is an initiative to empower the wider London community through inclusive services, and a safe, welcoming space

 The Southdale project aims to become a community hub not only for the Muslim community but for the London community at large.  By providing a safe venue for youth, and adults alike to participate in informal social activities as well as formal learning opportunities.  Below are some of the core values that the project adheres to:


Browse through the website, leave us a message, and join in on this wonderful and historic opportunity!


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