The Southdale Project's background

The Southdale Project is a London Muslim community initiative to address the community’s future need for prayer space, event space, and much more. The Project currently consists of a 13-acre parcel located on the corner of Southdale and Wonderland Roads. This parcel, in one of London’s fastest growing areas, provides the community with an exceptional opportunity to build its newest Masjid and community centre. 

Our aim is to provide services and programs designed to assist in the holistic educational and spiritual development of the Muslim individual and family. A primary tenet of MAC is community involvement and service not only within the Muslim community, but with every community, regardless of faith or background.

Why Now?

London Muslims have been blessed by a strong and widely recognized degree of community unity.  As a result, Muslims from all over the world have been making London their new home. As of 2001, 11,725 Muslims lived in London, a 142% increase over 1991. Using more conservative growth rates, we estimate London’s Muslims currently number 23,000 and are likely to number 46,000 in another ten years. We need to start preparing for the space and services that our new arrivals will need. 

The Site

The Southdale Project will be located on a 13-acre parcel that has been purchased for $1 million, or approximately $77,000 per acre. Comparable parcels of land have been sold in the past seven years for upwards of $300,000 making the land purchase an exceptional value.  Perhaps just as importantly, the land parcel is bordered by Southdale Road to the north and the future Bradley Road extension to the south providing for easy access via two major thoroughfares.

London’s Southwest Area Plan

A comprehensive development plan for southwest London has just been approved by the City of London. The plan calls for the development of intensive commercial and residential development in the area of the future Southdale Project, extending all the way south to the 401. We are thrilled to be located in the middle of the City’s future development plans. The Southdale Project is committed to meeting the future needs of London’s Muslims; and so we thought it made the most sense to locate it right where London’s newest Muslims are most likely to live.


What We Intend to Build

What is ultimately built on the Southdale Project has been dictated by the community’s needs and input. From the town halls that were organized throughout the community, the following list of features were identified as critical components required in Phase 1 of this project:

  • Banquet facility/Prayer space
  • Conference/Networking facility
  • Teen recreational space
  • Gym/Sports facility
  • Open lounge
  • Children's play area
  • Social hub/Services
  • Day Care


Together we hope to create Canada’s most inviting, functional, and accessible Muslim facility.


London’s Muslims are Working Together

A project of this magnitude cannot be done alone, and we are thrilled to have the support of many people in our community. Building on the success of the city's major institutions: the London Muslim Mosque and the Islamic Centre of Southwestern Ontario, we are excited to help establish a major project for our city that will expand and strengthen our community's services and institutions.

We intend to move forward together as one community, and are confident that by working together this project will bring us closer together than we have ever been. Our goals are one and the same: the pleasure of Allah, and the service of our fellow Muslims and Non-Muslims.

We also count on every member of the community to be part of this vision and establish a resource for Muslims in London for generations to come. We look forward to your ideas, support, and dua'a.