The latest updates from The Southdale Project

NEW! Southdale Project's new name! Noor Gardens, Home is where the heart is!



 The Southdale Project Journey


 Phase 1: Community Centre Features


Top view designs of the project



"Muslim Auction & Comedy Night", January 2016

Celebrated comedian/actor/director Omar Regan headlined the evening with his halal jokes and family-friendly routine to an audience of 800+.  The auction portion (silent and public) raised  over $120,000 for the project and $2500 in monthly Founder's Campaign donations!



Project Timeline

The following is a brief historical timeline of the progress and major milestones at the Southdale Project thus far:

December 2013

  • Acquisition of land in a new and significant planned expansion development area of London.

February 2014

  • Site plan consultation completed and submitted to Development Services, City of London. 

March 2014

  • Zoning by-law amendment allowing for a place of worship within a commercial recreational establishment passed with no issues.

May 2014

  • Posted initial Request for Proposals (RFP) and received four comprehensive quotes from architectural/engineering consultants, but with varying level of detail, wide pricing range.

June 2014

  • Southdale Project Advisory Committee restructured into sub-committees, including Planning and Construction Committee.
  • Decided to repost for design RFP with more detail to solicit more precise quotes. 
  • Committee thoroughly reviewed community feedback from town hall sessions and questionnaires, and consulted with community leaders to ensure due consideration was given to prioritizing functional spaces and features e.g. day care.
  • Committee then proceeded to determine optimal sizes and capacities for each of the areas that were deemed a priority as these would affect the footprint of the building.

July 2014

  • Initial concept pencil sketches presented at MAC Chapter Weekend Retreat.

September 2014

  • Project scope approved in principle by Southdale Lead Committee and MAC Chapter Executive. 
  • Secured approval from Chapter to proceed with RFP process. 

November 2014

  • Submitted comprehensive project information package to Institutions Department and MAC National executive.
  • Planning committee drafted RFP (request for proposals) for the design. 
  • Final RFP draft submitted to Southdale Lead Committee and Chapter Executive for approval.

December 2014

  • RFP sent out to prominent and recommended consultants with submission deadline of December 19, 2014.

January 2015

  • Received five proposals in response to RFP for Southdale Project design phase.
  • Shortlisted three consultants for interviews based on price. 
  • Interviewed consultants and evaluated each proposal based on criteria set out in RFP. 

February 2015

  • Final consultant selection recommendations presented to joint meeting of SLC and Chapter Executive.

April 2015

  • ROA submitted draft contract and proposed timeline for review and signing.

May 2015

  • Signed design contract with ROA Studio.

July 2015

  • Anticipate completion of initial architectural drawings.